Cable skinning machine


This machine is used for handling old cables and conductors. With only the basic equipment you can slit most of the common cables of up to a 120 mm diameter!! Squeeze the individual slit conductors to remove the second insulation layer. If you purchase other accessories, you will be able to pull out the core of Al-Fe lan, cut the insulation of composite conductors, tighten the wrapped flat transformer conductors. All this with just one machine.

Bring samples of your cables and come and see the art of this universal slitter for yourself.

The 'Download' section contains pictures from our manufacturing site and, naturally, the price list.

Cable diameter [mm] 10 - 120
Speed [m/min] 28
Power demand [kW] 1,5
Dimensions WxLxD [mm] 900x700x1350
Weight [kg] 115