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Band saw for Metal


Our band saw is characterized by a rigid construction of the saw arm, which ensures high cutting stability, guiding the band in cubes with carbide inserts and high cutting accuracy. The machine is equipped with stepless regulation of the feed speed into the cut and a worm gearbox with a two-speed motor for changing the cutting speed of the belt. The saw arm is mounted on a ball linear guide and its rectilinear movement is possible in two modes - automatic or manual. The tensioning of the belt by means of a tensioning nut is controlled by a limit switch, which switches off the belt drive in the event of a belt breakage. The lifting of the saw arm is ensured by a hydraulic cylinder and a hydraulic pump. The adjustable end stops can be used to limit the vertical movement of the arm. The arm can also be rotated 45 ° / 60 ° relative to the vice for oblique cuts. The vice has manual clamping and quick adjustment according to the cut profile. The emulsion for cooling and lubricating the belt is conveyed to the guide cubes by a pump, which is placed together with the tank in a stand together with the hydraulic unit. The electrical switchboard with controls is on the arm of the saw.