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Belt sander for manual metal sanding

So far the smallest of our production but still an efficient help. Again, a two-speed motor for 30 and 15 m/s. Its great advantage is a simple belt removal, and most of all the simple removal of the block set after sanding. The standard version includes a double block, a support bar of the free part, and an insulator. The double block can be substituted with a 200 mm contact wheel or with a holder of blocks with small diameters – up to 18 mm. An ideal sander for fine sanding, boring shapes but also for sanding small casts or folding work pieces.

Come and try out its qualities for yourself at our manufacturing site.

Belt length [mm] 1500
Belt width [mm] 50
Belt speed [m/s] 30 /15
Input [kW] 1,4 / 0,9
Dimensions WxLxD [mm] 350x450x650
Weight [kg] 35