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Belt sander for manual metal sanding

The largest and most powerful of our offer of belt sanders. The basic version involves sanding on a contact wheel or on a flat surface with a graphite layer. Simple positioning enables an optimum position for sanding either while standing or when sitting. The four-meter belt cools down well even during intense sanding of alloy steel, it is easily and quickly removed. For sanding non-ferrous metals, plastic, wood or for finer work there is a two-speed sander with the surface speed of 32 and 16 m/s. You can also purchase an aggregate for automatic sanding of round steels and pipes.

Belt length [mm] 4000
Belt width [mm] 50
Belt speed [m/s] 32(16)
Input [kW] 3,3
Dimensions WxLxD [mm] 1000x1550x1550
Weight [kg] 125