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Belt sander for manual metal sanding

Universal sander with a wide scale of possibilities. The basis is the drive unit – a special two-speed electric motor with the capacity of 1.7 kW on a bracket with a concrete base. The surface speed is 30 and 15 m/s. You yourself can choose with what to equip the sander adapters – sanding wheel (sanding the drills), basic belt (sanding on the contact wheel with the diameter of 200 mm and a flat), open belt (sanding on the contact wheel, the flat, and on the free part between two blocks of a 60 mm diameter) or a triangle (identical to GEKON micro). A sander suitable for locksmiths, engineering works, and smaller foundries.


Belt length [mm] 2500
Belt width [mm] 50
Belt speed [m/s] 32(16)
Input [kW] 1,7
Dimensions WxLxD [mm] 700x800x2000
Weight [kg] 90